Semen on Seventh

While in the chill of Joburg’s winter you now daily coilcuddling in the imaginary arms of the partner only in your mindMelville’s 7 De Laan refuses to sleep with the rest of youAnd in the thick of the night in the midst of half-closed eyesPenises go on a voyage shedding off their usual uglinessStanding erect […]

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Hands smooth and soft Unscathed by life’s worries Only haunted by ghostly fairies Untouched by roughness The roughness of the Black skin Black skin born in the fields Bred on bread from the worst breed of bran Those hands I have touched Those hands I’ve been rubbing recently Hands that have held guns Guns whose […]

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me speaks

me i speak speak while picking pears for your pickle speak of love to these walls speak love in your wars speak is my peak and if you see me speak to me carry on like you saw nothing my madness speaks madness understands for we speak speak speak because we know love because we […]

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A Fat Black Woman’s Poem

I am so curvateous, voluminous and lumptousI am the fat black woman that you loatheThe fat black woman so extravagantExtravagant with melanin and body fatThe black woman who made fat a bad word So I am fat and that bothers youSo you wish I wasnt as fat and darkSo you want me lean and pale […]

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