shall we teach our daughters to teach their daughters to forgive their mothers, or shall we wait till men have raped and killed everyone else, opening vaginas and man-vulvas with screwdrivers, and broomsticks, and bottle openers, and machetes, and corkscrews, and bottles, and penises that have never known the taste of intimacy? shall we teach […]

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how to clean a refugee body

(guta) daniel borzutzky: it is difficult to move in a body so congested with images of mutilation.   when you have drunk this much, do you dream of vodkad-vomit saturated with country profiles?   –the unitedkingdomers are back to fulfil their father’s dreams with english proficiency tests for visas that won’t last you long enough […]

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studio 44

this is not how we die.   on a diet of unknowns:¬†ketepa and the smell of acrylics/¬†we dance to lyrics/ we have never known– childhoods activated like we once spoke lingala (but we perhaps did, or not)– [fated to the uncertainty of living– as though we were dead]   and we have learnt to bury […]

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elii, or dining with death

what does a body look like after suffering four years of death? does it fold itself like overcooked spaghetti or stand straight like a sisal heart in kitulani? 12.01.2014 today, my aunt died and: i no longer have tears for death   should i tell her this when, if, she comes again?

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