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elii, or dining with death

what does a body look like after suffering four years of death? does it fold itself like overcooked spaghetti or stand straight like a sisal heart in kitulani? 12.01.2014 today, my aunt died and: i no longer have tears for death   should i tell her this when, if, she […]


egoli swallows, we claim but die. he vomits us into seas that swallow & vomit us into distant lands. lands that unfreed our ancestors and shackle their descendants. lands that demand that we speak imperial. englishness swelling up, taking up spaces that our souls occupied. before.     a year and […]


what happens to souls that die lonely? do they wrap themselves up in brokenness; soar into the skies;  like contrails left by passing planes mix with clouds, unnoticed?   what becomes of the soles of feet that have walked miles of lonely; thirsted for waters of unwanted love and lust? […]